Celeb Trainer Playlist: Jackie Warner

I found this 9 song playlist on Shape Magazine’s website. Some of these songs are on MY workout mix so I felt this post was necessary. Jackie Warner’s trained tons of celebrities and even had her own Bravo show “Thintervention” in 2010. Check out her website for some of the other cool fitness stuff she’s doing!

  1. California Gurls - Katy Perry
  2. Bulletproof - La Roux
  3. Acapella - Kelis & David Guetta
  4. Rock that Body - Black Eyed Peas
  5. Te Amo - Rihanna
  6. Not Afraid - Eminem
  7. Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
  8. Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon 
  9. Womanizer - Britney Spears

Want a song for intervals? The chorus of this song is explosive!

Sexy No No No - Girls Aloud

My Top 5 Workout Tracks Right Now

So some of these tracks have stayed on my playlist over the years and some are fairly new but they work for me and hopefully they’ll work for you too!

My Top 5 Workout Tracks (at the moment)

  1. Hot in Here - Nelly    -> seriously, this makes me run. i dont know why.
  2. Push Push (feat. Akon) - Kat Deluna  -> great lyrics for motivation!
  3. Whip My Hair - Willow Smith  -> if a nine year old can be accomplished, so can you!
  4. Independent - Webbie  -> another good running track
  5. All I Do is Win - DJ Khaled  -> m.o.t.i.v.a.t.i.o.n.

Happy Gymming!

21 plays

My elliptical jam of Summer 2010. Seriously try it. It’s awesome.

Naturally - Selena Gomez


Ellie Goulding’s Run Into The Light is an EP of remixes designed to mimic/suit your running pace…

All the original remixes used on the EP were additionally remixed and mastered by DJ, producer Alex Metric in order to recreate the natural highs and lows that a runner goes through while running. While running to the full medley the runner experiences peaks and lows in breathing and pace based on the flow of the medley. As the medley’s speed increases so does the runner and as the speed drops the runner begins to breathe more slowly again.

                         -Thanks Wiki

Try it? I intend to when I am free of injuries and can finally take up running again! Hopefully in Paris!

Also, use it even if you don’t run, just to boost your workout! :)

Sounds super interesting! Might have to try it!

Lady Gaga - Scheiße
20 plays

Here we go, first track!

Scheiße - Lady Gaga

This song is ridiculously upbeat all the way through and to me is incredibly motivating. I’ve worked out to this song on repeat before, it’s just that good. I hope you find it works the same for you!


So I have this awesome vision of a blog filled with music, playlists, and workout motivation, because I know we could all use some fresh music on our gym playlists. I would love this place to be collaborative as well, with visitors submitting songs they work out to or playlists they love. If you have any requests for more types of music you want to see here, since I usually work out to hip-hop or dance tracks, let me know!